I want to guys know that I am still alive, not busy just having an holiday and my mood got spoiled when my computer crash and my files got lost. I used to had trillions of photos saved.

I also had my artwork incl. the latest updates which nver have been posted on the disk too. All my textures/brushes and my psd.'es got lost. I HATE IT! I don't feel like creating anymore, that means I am useless for LJ xD. besides surfing for Fabregas and the whole soccer love.

LJ has been hating me too, I can't send PM's, somehow I don't get mail notification and I can not edit my userpics. WTF?!

This all leads to my mood: "forget it!". Altough you can use everything i used to make in the past, feel free, I'd love to see anyone who is still interested in my stuff woah xD. Thanks for the crashing sucks!

I am sorry for everything!

I am getting things back on track again...latest update posted at 3mused...going slowly.

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Look at his smile!!

He deserved to win Wimbeldon 2008! Finally! FINALLYYY!!!! The past years he lost, but working as hard as Nadal you always turn out to beat even the no. 1.!


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WE LOST and it's true. Against Guus Hiddink's Russia. The match itself for The Netherlands was weak, Van der Sar was doing the defensing. It was just not good for The Netherlands.

Good bye Van der sar, it was his last interland. He played 128 interlands.

I have no words. But to be honest Russia is a deserving winner.

My finals


Dutch - May 19th,2008

History - May 20th, 2008

English - May 21th, 2008
Geography - May 21th, 2008

Economics - May 22th, 2008

Maths - May 28th, 2008

Management & Organization - May 29th, 2008